Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dream Dinners Review

So, many of you have seen the giveaway that we just featured the past two weeks for Dream Dinners! Well, I was also fortunate enough to visit my local Dream Dinners store and see what it was all about.

Last week, I visited the Dream Dinners in Clemmons, NC. As soon as I walked in I was welcomed by one of the co-owners, Edie. She was very inviting and immediately started showing us around. I was quite suprised at how easy the set up is. The staff was very friendly and made us feel welcomed!

To start, you wash your hands and get your bags/pans needed for the dinners you are going to make. Then, you go to the station assigned to the specific meal you are preparing. Each station has a recipe that is color coated to the utensils that need to be used! So, even if you aren't an experienced cook, you can definitely do this!

After you've finished all the steps for each meal, you then take the finished product to the freezer that is reserved just for you! Then, you move on to the next meal on your list! Once, you have finally finished all the meals you signed up to make, you load your meals into your cooler and take them home to freeze. It's that simple!

How long does it take to make all these meals? Well, we had the same question, so we asked one of the customers in the store to tell us about her experience!
She said that she has a family of 5 and she usually prepares 12 meals each quarter (so about every 3 months) and it takes her about an hour or a little longer depending on the recipes. Imagine how long it takes you now, to shop, prepare, assemble, cook, and clean up at home. This could give you hours of your life back to spend with your family!

We had the opportunity to prepare 2 meals to take home and try! It only took us about 20 minutes from start to finish! We couldn't believe how fast and easy the process was. We made the Parmasean Crusted Chicken and I have to say this was absolutely delicious! It seriously tasted like a meal I would have ordered from a restaurant! I didn't have to do anything but dip the chicken in the marinade and breading and bake it for about 15 minutes! The seasoned vegetables we just threw in the frying pan for about 8 minutes! The entire family (we have a family of 5) couldn't say enough about how good the food was (even my 2 year old cleaned his plate)! Then, there was no clean up except the frying pan and baking sheet had to be washed.
The other meal we prepared was the lasagna. I've actually never made lasagna from scratch and I couldn't believe how easy it was! I felt like a professional chef. One of the ideas the staff had was to use Dream Dinners to prepare meals for new moms! Believe it or not, we had 3 friends that just had babies and we were able to take one of them the lasagna! It was great because it was already frozen and they could just thaw it out when they were ready! The other great thing is that Dream Dinners prints out the cooking instructions for each meal, so I already had that attached to the top!
I would have loved to try the lasagna, but it was great to be able to give it to someone else that needed it more!
Another great benefit of Dream Dinners is that it's cost effective. Each meal averages out to about $3.19 per serving. You can't even go to McDonald's for that! Plus, this is nutrional and a wholesome meal for your family. Now, through the end of the month, they are running a special Buy 3 meals and Get 1 FREE!! That's 24-servings for $74.95. This averages out to $3.12 per serving! This is awesome! I have already booked mine, so hurry up and go online to order yours today!
Step 1: Go to www.DreamDinners.com
Step 2: An ad will pop up for a Special TV Offer and you just click "Start Now"
Step 3: Enter your zip code to find a store near you and hit select!
Step 4: Select either (6) 3-serving meals or (3) 6-serving meals
Step 5: Hit the "Buy Now" button
Step 6: Enter all your information including your payment.
(If you want to show me some love, enter my email, stretchingyourbudget@gmail.com under the section that asks who referred you)!

As an added bonus, Dream Dinners offers a $50 gift card to one lucky Facebook follower each month. Check out Dream Dinners on Facebook or my location: Dream Dinners Clemmons on Facebook! Tell them Stretching Your Budget sent you!

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