New to Couponing?

If you are new to couponing, then you've come to the right place! This page has the basics for you to begin your couponing adventures! This is just a preview of what we offer in our classes!

**Fact: Did you know that • The average family of 4 spends $954.50 per month on groceries? With coupononing you should be able to cut your shopping bill in half! What would you do with that extra money?

Couponing 101: Grocery Store Basics

1. Sale + Coupon = cheap/free
2. Stockpile
3. Budget
4. Organizing

1. In order to achieve Goal #1, you have to remember that just using a coupon is not a good deal. The #1 thing in couponing is matchups.

2. Stockpiling is probably the hardest thing for couponers to grasp!! When you are getting items that you know you will use for free or really cheap, then you want to buy multiples of these items.

3. A budget is something that most people have, however grocery shopping is one of the only items that you can actually adjust. Most bills are the same every month and you can’t lower them. But, after you learn how to tackle the grocery stores, you will definitely be able to adjust that number. I always say, that it takes a good month to a month in a half to grasp couponing. After about a month you should have a good idea of what it will cost you to grocery shop every week. Once you have that number, stick to it! On average I spend around $50/week to feed a family of 5 (this price however includes groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and diapers)! Your grocery budget should be about 5% of your monthly budget.

4. Being organized is they key factor behind a great couponer. If you don’t organize your coupons or plan your shopping trips, then you will find yourself stressed out and wanting to give up. I have let my coupons go for a few weeks and it takes forever to catch back up.

When you're first starting out, it's a good idea to start using a pricing guide. This will help you track prices of your most commonly bought items. I have created one for you here!