Short Clip About Me!

Hey everyone, my name is Charlotte. I work full time at the Department of Veterans Affairs and I blog on the side (well technically it's full-time too)! I have two beautiful children and a wonderful husband that supports my coupon/shopping addition! I am blogging from North Carolina (The Piedmont Triad).

I started this blog to share with others the value and reward of saving money and living frugally. I am passionate about couponing and I hope to convey that passion through this blog. I love to help and serve others and I hope to be able to help some of you, even if it's in a small way! My goal is to help you learn how to "Stretch Your Budget" and live within your means without skimping on the things you enjoy in life. There's always a deal no matter what it is, you might just have to do a little leg work to get it! But, hey that's the fun in it right? Well, that's enough about me, now get searching and start stretching your budget!

Yes, for those of you thinking...I don't have time to coupon because I work, well that's no excuse!! It is totally possible for you to be able to coupon, work, parent, clean, or whatever you do during the day! Stay focused and organized and anyone can do it!