Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camp Hope: Donations Needed!

One of the benefits of being a frugal shopper is being able to give back. Since most of my readers are also thrifty shoppers, I thought I would share with you this awesome opportunity to give back!

Camp Hope is a day camp for under-priveledged kids in the Triad. Many of the kids that come to this camp are those in foster care. Camp Hope is filled with volunteers that love and minister to these children for 5 days! They have the chance to play and just be kids.

I've had the opportunity to serve in this ministry when it was called Royal Family Kids Camp. I was counselor for 2 summers and it was life changing. One of the best things about this camp is that they have a BIG Birthday Party for all the kids on the last day. Some of the kids there haven't ever had a birthday party. Watching them getting birthday presents and eating cake was so rewarding.

As a mom, I realize that we have to invest love and faith into our children's lives, unfortunately not all kids get that opportunity. That's why this one week is so important. Even though it seems like 5 days isn't enough time to even make a dent, you would be suprised at the changes you see. All it takes is one seed to grow a garden. Or one day of building self worth to grow a college graduate instead of high school drop out!

This year, Camp Hope will be held July 11-15. While we all can't volunteer as camp counselor's there is a way that you can help!

My good friend came to me with a vision of being able to give the kids a gift bag when they leave camp, that's not only for them but their families. Nothing major, but again a blessing. So, we thought we would reach out to our community and our readers!

For those that are local (Piedmont Triad, NC area), we are looking to supply 100 kids with bags. Here's some of the things we are looking to collect:
-mac & cheese
-small packs of chips or pringles
-gummy/fruit snacks
-juice boxes

Basically, things that can be for kids, siblings, parents, etc.. If you have other ideas, please feel free to share.

If you would like to donate any of these items, please fill out this form:

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