Monday, March 14, 2011

Money Saving Tips for Men!

A fellow Mavens of Money member has started a new series about "money saving tips" from men! If you have a man in your live that likes to save money, then he might like to read this each week! Here's what she posted today:

Most people think women when they think of couponers, but in our house hubby likes to save money too! He is not so much a coupon man, although he does very well and knows how catalinas, ECBs, Up+, RR ect work and needs little help if I send him on a shopping trip!

A new weekly series here at Luxury Living Frugal Style is Men Save Money Monday. Every Monday we will be sharing a "mans way to save", "frugal man tip" or a deal with you All done by my husband him self :)

This Weeks "Men Save Money" tip is Newspaper Subscriptions. I love reading the Sports Weekly from USA Today, and used to buy it at the store each week, at a price tag of $2. I then learned I could have it delivered to my house for just $45 a year! That is a savings of $59 and I do not have to drive to the store and waste gas to get it!

A great way to save money on your weekly or daily papers is to get a subscription, not only does it save money but it saves time from having to take a trip to the store, unless you are already headed there with coupons in hand thanks to your coupon loving wife :)

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