Monday, March 14, 2011

Frugal Eats

A fellow Mavens of Money member posts a weekly series called, "Frugal Eats." She shows you how to make meals for less! Check out Budget Savvy Diva for more great deals!

I have an exciting frugal eats this I wanted to show Budget Savvy Diva readers how I take discounted meat and make three different yummy and frugal meals :) If you want the complete recipes feel free to email me at

Here was the first step:

Took some lemons - from our lemon tree - lemon juice is a tenderizer plus it adds a bit a zip.

I was determined to make every meal to be under $5.00 for four servings - and I succeeded.

My first step was to tenderize the skinless boneless chicken thighs - there were 12 in lemon juice

Put a little salt and fresh cracked pepper ♥

My first dish was to make my own recipe of

brown sugar fried chicken sandwich topped with cheddar with a hint a thyme with a honey biscuit with a side of spicy rice with a mustard BBQ infused sauce - Long name I know :)

This was my husband favorite - why this dish works is that I made a batter with a little bit of brown sugar and the honey biscuit worked well with the tang of the lemon.
Next I used the same batter method on strips of chicken - to make nuggets. I then wanted to take a .39 cent blue box mac and cheese but make it upscale - so I took leftover shell pasta while it cooked I placed fresh rosemary in the cooking pot - so it would infused into the pasta :) Then I added the powdered cheese with left over brie topped with fresh cracked pepper. Dipping sauce was left over mustard BBQ. I toasted a honey biscuit for a little side starch - Here is how it looks :)

I think it was very successful - I wanted to make grown up kids food - hubby loved it ♥

Now for my final meal I grilled chicken thighs and served them over penne pasta with garlic bread with a little cheese on top. Simple clean flavors worked really well :)

Here is a little picture of Budget Savvy Diva's Hubby enjoying dinner

Overall all these meals were tasty meals that DID not hurt my wallet - the chicken was 5.35 but you could never tell.

Remember when you are cooking try and balance flavors sweet and tangy or spicy and sweet.

Thanks Sara!

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