Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Walmart Changes!

Budget Savvy Diva let me know about some great news happening at Walmart, here's
what she has to say:
Walmart announced it is bringing back thousands of products
that were dumped from stores, they say they are ready to roll up their sleeves
to win the lowest-price battle with their rivals. "We're bringing back products
and brands [our customers] want," said Mac Naughton.

Nationwide, Wal-Mart is also making localized additions to its stores. For
example, the retailer is increasing fish supplies in Central Florida stores,
adding more ice fishing and ice hockey products in Minneapolis, and boosting
inventory of hiking and pool supplies in its Phoenix stores.

Giving more choices: After alienating customers by pulling too
many products from shelves, Wal-Mart is bringing the variety back by adding
8,500 items to stores.

What do YOU think??

You can click HERE to check it out!

Looks like Walmart has been making lots of changes lately that are for the better!

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  1. I love it. I hate that I can't find a lot of the products/foods that I buy (which is meat-free, organic, natural, etc)


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