Monday, November 22, 2010

What's your frugal Christmas gift/decoration ideas?

Do you have any creative Christmas gift ideas? Or, do you have any unique Christmas decoration ideas that are inexpensive? If so, we would love to hear them! You can reply to this post or email me at triadsupersaver@gmail(dot)com and I will post them!

The picture above is an idea I found for a set of coasters.
1. Buy 4-6 solid ceramic tiles (they could be the ugliest, cheapest ones you can find)!
2. Take your favorite cocktail napkins you bought and haven't found a use for, or you could take newspaper clippings to spell out words, or take a copy of your favorite photo....
3. Paint Mod-podge on the tile, then smooth the napkin out over the edges of the tile.
4. Then, paint a layer of polyurethane on top of the napkin and let it dry.
5. Now, you have a modern gift!

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