Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kraft Catalina!

Right now, Kraft has a Catalina printing. If you buy 5 Kraft Cheese products you will get $5 off your next purchase. This includes: Kraft shredded, singles, and cream cheese! I did this last night, yes without coupons :( I needed cheese for something I was making for work. But, it was still a good deal.
Food Lion has Kraft shredded cheese on promo. 2 for $5 and their cream cheese blocks for $1.99ea.
I bought 3 bags of shredded cheese: $2.50 ea. = $7.50/3
and 2 blocks of cream cheese $1.99 ea. = $3.98/2
Total OOP=$11.48
-$5 catalina towards next purchase
= $5.48/5 Kraft cheese products! Sounds horrible, but without coupons it's not too bad.....

Plus, they are donating food to the "Feed America" campain, when their products are bought.

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