Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Rite Aid +Up Rewards Program starts 6/6

This program is set to release 6/6. For those of you that love CVS or Walgreen's but hate all the little nagging rules they have, then this might be just the thing for you.

Two major advantages to this program are:
1. No limits to your rewards (unlike ECBs which usually have a limit of 1)
2. They can be rolled to purchase the same item again (unlike Walgreens!)

Just like at CVS, you do not need to purchase all the required items in one transaction. You can purchase them separately and once you accumulate the correct number of items or dollar amount, your Rewards will print.

From what I understand this program has more flexibility than the Register Reward program- so you shouldn’t need to fool with fillers and things. I am going to assume you will need to spend the entire value of the +Up Rewards at one time.

So this should be interesting. I know this program started off with a bang for those of you that were in the test markets! One major advantage is that you can always use the +Up Rewards to purchase free after rebate items. That should be an easy way to roll them before they expire.

Two very important points that I can see with this program
1. You must use your Wellness Card
2. It looks like most items are one per transaction. But, you can split them up into multiple transactions and get +Up Rewards each time unlike CVS that has a limit of 1-2.

For those of you that love Rite Aid, let me know what you think. Or if you've never shopped there, let me know if you might start now!

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