Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Send your expired coupons to overseas military families!

Did you know that you don't have to toss your expired coupons in the trash? Send them to military families overseas to use instead! The commissary (grocery store on base) allows active military and their families to use expired coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date. So, don't throw them away help others save!

What kind of coupons can I send?
- You can send manufacture coupons that you find in your Sunday's paper, printable coupons, and coupons that you may have received by mail.
- Remember that some products may not be sold overseas, so if you know that you have a specific coupon for an item that is Regional then don't send it!
  • Coupons for products such as vitamins, joint supplements, hair colorings and cosmetics are not in high demand.
  • Coupons for baby products, including diapers, baby wipes, formula, and skincare items are in very high demand.
  • Coupons that are to used at a specific store (such as those found in a weekly sales flyer) cannot be used overseas.
Do I have to sort my coupons before I send them?
- You should sort them into categories. You don't have to be very specific with your categories.
For example:
  • Food products (including beverages)
  • Health and Beauty Items (soaps, lotions, medications, hygiene items, etc.)
  • Baby items (including diapers, wipes, baby foods and formulas)
  • Pet items
  • Non-Food (including household cleaning products, and anything else that doesn't fall into any of the other categories)
Using Ziploc bags is a great way to sort them and then write out the outside in permanent marker the category of what's inside.

How do I address my box or envelope when shipping?
Here's an example of what you should write:

Family Services (or Information We Have Listed)
Unit Number, Box Number
APO AE 00000

List of addresses:

                                                     U.S. Air Force: 
Ramstein, Germany
Ramstein Air Base
Attn: Family ServicesBldg. 1200, Flugplatz Ramstein
APO AE 09094 Germany 
Alconbury, UK
RAF Alconbury
ATTN: Family Services
APO AE 09470

U.S. Army: 
Hohenfels, Germany
Army Community Service / NPSP
UNIT 28216
APO AE 09173

Vogelweh, Germany
Vogelweh Commissary
Unit 3063
APO AE 09021

U.S. Navy:   
Sigonella, Italy
Fleet and Family Support Center
Hoffpauir Administrative Center, Bldg. 319
PSC 812 Box 2650
FPO, AE 09627

***These is just a short list to help you get started, but I would encourage you to check Grocery Saving Tips to see a complete and updated list.

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