Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Help build a well in Africa through Thirty-one!

Remember when I featured a friend of mine, Sarah? I wrote a piece on her a few months back showcasing her busy with Thirty-one gifts, you can see that post here! Well, I just wanted to share with you an awesome thing that she's doing!

1. First of all Thirty-one has their thermal lunch totes on sale. The small totes are $8.00 and the large totes are $10.00. Plus, you can get them monogrammed for only $1.50 (reg. $6)! Valid throught the month of January.

They have several new patterns and these totes are so practical. They would make a great gift for someone, or they're good for a small picnic! The large tote is very roomy, I can fit a lean cuisine, a drink, and a piece of fruit in there!

2. All of the profit from the lunchbags she sells, is going to raise money to build a well in Africa. How awesome is that? So, by buying an awesome lunchbag, you will be supporting the funds needed to build a well for those in need. This will bring them a clean water source in a remote area, where they may have to travel to get water. What an awesome way to give to others!

3. Finally, with any leftover commissions from the sale of these lunch totes...Sarah's in-laws work for a Children's home for Foster children. Right now they have seven girls living with them via Foster care. She wants to get them all a lunchbag with their name monogrammed on it! These girls have been bounced around from place to place and what an awesome way to show them that someone cares. Even if it's through a small gesture like their very own lunchbag, they are receiving God's love through this small act of kindness.

So, if you would like to support Sarah by purchasing a monogrammed thermal tote, visit her website to place your order and it will be shipped to your front door!

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