Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CVS brand diaper deals!

Ok, so last night I went to CVS to get some diapers. I found the CVS brand diapers (ultra thin jumbo packs) for $2.57, plus they had the mega packs for $3.47. These packs were 75% off. Plus I found the refill wipes (3 pack) for $3.47 these were 50% off. I also got the only pack up pull-ups they were $5.99 and you get back $2 ECB's. That makes them $3.99! This was an awesome find. I went to the one on Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston-Salem (they had a ton of diapers, but no more wipes) and a friend checked the one on Hickory Tree Rd. in Davidson county (they had diapers and no wipes). Check your local CVS and let other readers know if you found any! This is good for those of you who are just starting out and don't feel comfortable using coupons because this deal doesn't require any.

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